Weekend with the In-laws

Have I mentioned how much I love Evan’s parents? Well, I do! Last week was our office’s vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, but Evan’s parents came down on Thursday so we got to spend a long weekend with them and it was great! We ate and ate and ate some more, which was great because I really needed to catch up on my eating. We had Olive Garden, and Japanese, and Chili’s…oh, it was great 🙂 Plus, we don’t get to see them very often so spending some quality time with them was very nice! We browsed around Babies R Us which I have to say is very scary and overwhelming, but it was fun nonetheless.

We bought 2 baby gates, mainly to use for the dogs for a while. Their room is now turning into the nursery so we’re gating off the kitchen/dining room and that’s where they will sleep and spend the day. Abbey, my puggle, is still whining when we first put her in there and early in the morning when she hears us. She’s very needy and she’s going to have to get over that soon enough, but it breaks my heart because she just wants to cuddle with me 🙂 We also bought a baby name book, which we thought would be helpful, but hasn’t been so far. I cannot believe some of the names in that book, some I couldn’t even pronounce, LOL.

We have 4 dogs running around which made things interesting, but it was fun. It was much easier to lock them out of the kitchen when we were cooking, and lock them in the kitchen when we didn’t want them playing and barking in our faces 🙂

Sunday I wasn’t able to go to church with everyone because I was so sick, which was unfortunate. Our homegroup had bought tickets for a durham bulls game so although I was not feeling up to it, we went anyways. It was ok, it was a pretty good game although they lost.

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