I need your opinions. Evan and I had picked out a stroller for a boy, but we are having a girl so we’re trying to decide whether this particular stroller is too boyish—or if it will be ok. We really like everything about the stroller otherwise, so tell me…do you think it’s ok for a girl, or is it too boyish?

Blue, tan and brown polka-dots are cute, but it’s a lot of brown, that’s the only thing that really bothers me. Honestly, there aren’t too many neutral designs out there, and we definitely don’t want something pink and girlish. We hope to be able to use the same stroller for our next child who could possibly be a boy…but we also don’t want our girl to look silly in a too-boyish stroller. So serious opinions would be appreciated. It won’t upset me, I just want to know what other people think.

4 thoughts on “Strollers”

  1. no, I don't think it's too boyish at all. I'm registering for a brown colored car seat too and I think it could go either way which is why I'm picking it. Polka dots will look cute with all of her outfits:) Go for it!

  2. thanks Casey, I don't want to give the child a complex because I have a feeling her names not going to be too girlie either 😉

  3. no way this is totally good for a girl. plus you'll load it up with pink blankets or something. as long as you don't give her a baseball hat, she'll be good to go. 🙂

  4. Brian is so funny about this. Everytime I show him something that is not pink he gets all concerned. "But how will people know she's a girl??"

    But I love your print and think its so cute. We are all about the re-use of baby items.

    BTW: Love the new blog design!

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