Crazy, busy weekend part 2

Ok, so Evan’s parents and Stephanie (his sister) spent the night last Friday night. Saturday morning we slept in a little and had a nice bacon and eggs breakfast, YUM 🙂 Donna had brought us some newborn diapers from Luvs that were on major clearance so that was exciting, we had baby diapers in the house!!! Then, Tammy, a woman from Evan’s church back at home sent a book of soothing CD’s for the baby. They’re really nice and include Mozart, washer/dryer noises etc. really really neat! That was exciting because it’s really the first baby stuff we had in the house. We decided to go shopping a little! We went to World Market, Kohl’s, and Target. They bought us a couple gowns/body suits for the baby girl. They were cute, green with monkeys, giraffes etc. They also bought the cutest pair of brown shoes with pink polka dots, and boy am I a sucker for polka dots. Kohl’s was selling some of the collection of “If you give a mouse a cookie, If you give a mouse a muffin” etc. for $5.00 and the proceeds went to help out children so we bought 2, and Steph bought the pig and the mouse that went with the books!! She’s going to have so much fun playing with the stuffed animals while we read her these stories!!! Our little girl is going to be so sick of polka dots by the times she’s 2, LOL! It was so much fun looking at girlie clothes, they have a lot of cute CUTE stuff 🙂

This is very random but we bought a dining room table about a month ago from World Market (our favorite store) because we’ve had a free table that some friends passed down, their dogs had chewed almost every leg off of every chair, and we thought it was about time we got us a nice one. Plus, they were having an awesome sale! I just thought I would post a picture of it:

I didn’t feel like cleaning it off for a good picture, so here you see the diapers, stuffed animals, and the clothing we got. Plus, my new Target purse (love it) and Evan’s PEZ dispensers (uh, the boy is 25 and having a child, really you still want to collect these?) But anyways, here’s the table, love love love benches, so very happy we finally have a grown up table!

Sunday we went to church and me, Evan, my mom and my sister and Mackenzie met at Babies R Us to get the crib and dresser! Evan and I really need help on what to register for and had some questions about things like strollers, car seats, bottles, monitors etc. and she really really helped us. We’ve registered for a couple things already, but I think it’s going to take us a while, it’s so hard, so many tough decisions. So we got the furniture loaded up in the truck, took it home only to find out they gave us the right crib and wrong dresser. Boy was it an ordeal to call them and figure out what happened, and I was not very calm or happy because it’s a good 45 min. drive home and my brother-in-law was so kindly letting us use his truck. Well they got it worked out and gave us 20% off of the dresser which was nice, but we had to drive all the way back over there (without Evan b/c he had huddles) and I got to watch as my mom and Amber tried to get this enormously heavy dresser out of the back of the truck and into our garage since there was no way they could get it upstairs. All that work, but we finally have the crib and the dresser, YAY! Here’s the pic from BRU

Aren’t they cute? They’re really heavy duty and seem like they will last! The crib will convert to a toddler bed and eventually a full size bed as well 🙂 Our friends Wes & Diana came over last night to help Evan get the dresser upstairs since the dresser came completely put together (which is nice for Evan not to have to do, but was extremely heavy). We are going to aim to put the crib together tonight after Evan mows the yard 🙂

I have another treat for you as well. I know some people read this from miles and miles away and do not get the pleasure of seeing my cute little pregnant belly, so I took some pictures. Nothing fancy, and I’m not photogenic but Evan took some pictures. I hope you’re happy because normally after wearing scrubs all day I jump into some nice comfy pants and a tank top but I changed into normal clothes just for you guys 😉

I don’t know why these pictures look so fuzzy to me, they don’t look like that on the computer, but oh well…you get the picture, I have a belly!

We found out that one of our friends Lindsey (who’s 2.5 weeks ahead of me) is having a boy, and our other friend Lindsay (who’s like 4 days behind me) found out today and I will know tonight (super excited) and Casey (who’s almost a month behind me) will find out soon enough! It’s so much fun, I can’t wait for all of us to have our babies and have play dates 🙂 I’m off for now, have a great rest of the week!

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  1. okay, love the dining table. The baby furniture is gorgeous and NO are so wayyy cute with your perfect little preggo belly!! I guess it's high time I post a pic too:) lol. Love this post:)

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